About Killua Energy

Killua Energy Inc. is a solar company founded by C.E.O. Taj Pamma and currently serving a broad range of residential, commercial, and agricultural clients throughout California. We pride ourselves on delivering fast, efficient, and dependable services while communicating with our clients and putting forth the extra effort to meet or surpass their expectations.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff look forward to working with you on any solar-related project you need help with, guiding you through our step-by-step process from start to finish. As your licensed experienced solar company, we're here to address your concerns, answer any questions you might have, and ultimately provide the high-quality level of service you need and deserve.

We are an EPC with the most seasoned and carefully selected team of solar designers, electrical & structural engineers, project managers, business developers, operations specialists, construction and safety professionals, and service technicians in California. The professionals at Killua come from purely solar backgrounds, electrical contracting, engineering/design, and global operations backgrounds. Killua Energy is an EPC with our own teams of well-trained and certified solar installers. As a team, we exude Customer service and attention to detail to the needs of our clients.

Most important to us at Killua Energy is that you have access to affordable, reliable energy. Whether this means we show you the true power of going solar and we can ensure you are covered in the event of a power outage without a powerful battery backup system that prevents unexpected outages of any kind, you can believe our technology is here to protect you by ensuring your property’s prepared for anything. If you want to see real energy security our specialists will even show you the advantages of paring our innovative solar technology with our durable battery backup systems for an unbeatable defense against anything that might lead to an outage.

Expert Turn-Key Commercial Solar Solutions

Let the experts at Killua Energy be your guide with turn-key solar PV and energy storage installations. Killua Energy is a licensed commercial and industrial installation contractor specializing in providing engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services based in California. We deliver efficiently designed, large-scale solar and energy storage solutions for commercial and industrial clients.

For business owners, our priorities are always profitability and sustainability. Through our reliable commercial solar solutions, you will discover tax credits, utility rebates, and other financial incentives that dramatically lower the technology’s initial investment costs on top of your already reduced operational costs, leading to an ROI of more than 20% within the first decade. With our help in choosing the right commercial solar solutions, it’s likely you can eliminate your energy expenses entirely, all while doing your part to help save the planet and attract new clients with your impressive enthusiasm for going green.

Killua Energy is an EPC providing White Glove Service, specializing in turnkey, customized Solar & Energy Storage Solutions for small and large commercial, and industrial solar installations for businesses and organizations with operations in California.

As the local experts in city/county/state-specific requirements (they are all different!) and as a team with well-cultivated relationships with all the major utilities in our state, we offer the most efficient and direct path to a fully commissioned, quality solar system for your operation.

Killua Energy constructs renewable energy systems anywhere in California. Many of our clients ask us to assist in other parts of the country. We are licensed to provide the best electrical and structural engineering for any solar projects in the USA and are always happy to assist in locating a quality contractor in any other state.

Our clients typically want help in determining what their options are and understanding the pros & cons of those various options. Our clients depend on us, as their solar partner, in their endeavor to adopt renewable energy solutions for their California portfolio. It’s no wonder, 82% of Killua Energy clients are repeat or referrals.

Getting started is simple. As soon as you connect with Killua Energy, we will get your property scheduled for a full assessment to determine the best solar solutions for you. Once you understand the advantages of each option, you will decide what solutions are right for you.